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Our people are at the core of what makes the Taylor Lab such a unique and fulfilling place to work. We’re proud of the diversity of our lab, with each member contributing their unique skills to the projects we’re working on. Find out more about our team members below!



2nd Year Graduate Student

Born in Connecticut, Deanna moved to Arizona at the age of 7 where she stayed until she went to college in North Carolina. After college, she spent some time in El Paso, TX where she volunteered with underprivileged youth, teaching them the basics of biology in after school programs. From there, she went back to NC for awhile until she joined the Taylor lab in November of 2019. Graduating with a bachelor's in biology, she strives to bring a fun, but productive work ethic to the Taylor lab. In her spare time, she enjoys going to concerts, playing videos, and jamming out on any instrument she can find.

Dr. taylor.JPG


Principal Investigator

Dr. Taylor was born and raised in New Jersey. He obtained his B.S. from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia followed by his Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, where he started his training in molecular biology and immunology. He established his lab at SUNY Upstate Medical University in 2019. Prior to then, he held faculty positions at Northwestern and Vanderbilt Universities. When he is away from the lab, he enjoys finding a great crab cake to bite into, listening to jazz music, and watching lacrosse games at all levels.



5th Year Graduate Student

Yetunde was born and raised in Ilorin, Nigeria, where she schooled until moving to Syracuse in 2019 to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. She holds a bachelor's degree in Microbiology with long-standing interests in virology, immunology, public health, and human medicine. In July 2020, she joined the Taylor Lab as a graduate student. Outside of the lab, she has interests in music, traveling, and archaeology.

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3rd Year Graduate Student

Born in Ilesha and raised in Osogbo, Nigeria, Adebola went on to college in a neighboring town, Ile-Ife an hour away from home. There, she obtained her Bachelor’s in Microbiology and proceeded for her PhD program in Biomedical Sciences at Upstate in August 2021. She has always took interest in HIV study  right from undergraduate. She is also fascinated about virus pathogenesis and immunopathogenesis. Right now, she is able to fulfill her dreams by been in this lab. Outside the lab, she loves seeing movies!  


Rafi and Yetunde in the Hypoxy Station
Deanna, Yetunde, Harry
Yetunde and Deanna
Yetunde and JD
Yetunde, Harry, and Deanna
Yetunde, Deanna, and Rafi
Rafi, Yetunde, Deanna
Rafi, Deanna, and the pups
Harry and Deanna
Deanna in the hood
Dr. Harry Taylor
Yetunde & Harry
Deanna in the Station
Yetunde & Harry
Deanna in the Station
Yetunde & Deanna
Deanna in the station
Deanna, Meaghan, Tara, & Yetunde
Deanna, Meaghan, Tara, & Yetunde
Deanna, Yetunde, Meaghan, & Tara
Deanna, Meaghan, Tara, Yetunde
Deanna, Yetunde, Meaghan, & Tara
Harry and Anna T.jpg
Yetunde K presenting at 2021 Biomedical Sciences Retreat.jpg
Taylor Lab at Skaneatles.jpg
Anna T in hypox station.jpg
Taylor Lab at Doug's Fish Fry.jpg
Anna T (left) and Anna M (right) working in the hood.jpg
Anna M presenting at 2021 Biomedical Sciences Retreat.jpg
Anna T's last day of SURF.jpg
Anna T (left) and Anna M (right).jpg
Anna M in hypoxic station.jpg
Anna T in the hood.jpg
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